I’ve lived in or around Winston-Salem N.C. my entire life. A smarter or more ambitious person might have migrated to a bigger city years ago. I consider Winston my home and as such I criticize its past and present, Winston is a city that I love.

There are plenty of journalists devoted to praising Winston-Salem; particularly its downtown revitalization and transformation from a tobacco town to “the City of Arts and Innovation.” While the Winston-Salem Journal and others sing the city’s praise I will continue to be a critical voice, focusing on the plight of Winston’ marginalized poor instead of the city’s “creative class.”

I double-majored in History and Political Science, but I’m no PhD. I’m more of an activist than an academic. Winston is just big enough to be interesting, but small enough to be understood by an activist blogger like myself.  Winston has a lot to be proud of, but it also has a lot of dirty secrets-past and present. My blog is an attempt to connect the dots and give readers a more comprehensive understanding of Winston’s history and politics.

Thanks for reading,

C.P. Tew

All opinions are mine alone. Nothing that I write is holy script.