Winston-Salem City Council Notes: The C-SPAN Edition

Not a lot transpired at Monday’s Winston-Salem City Council meeting. While not much news was made at the city council meeting, there was an announcement from a representative of the C-SPAN Cities Tour that Winston will be the subject of several features that will air March 17-18 on C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3. While Winston might not always have a lot of newsworthy events going on, it will always have a lot of history.

I have serious doubts that C-SPAN will examine the working-class history of Winston (the unionization of R.J. Reynolds, the W-S Black Panther Party, the Trials of Darryl Hunt, etc). But C-SPAN will probably cover Old Salem’s Hidden Town project. That’s something positive.

If nothing else C-SPAN will remind its viewers what a poor job our local news channels do covering Winston. C-SPAN will do a professional job. They’ll give us hours of rich content, where local TV channels just give us tidbits.

Other highlights of the city council meeting were the continued debate about the percentage of minority workers at the Ad companies the City was considering using to market the Dixie Classic Fair.

Councilmembers Adams, Taylor, and Clark expressed concern that Councilmember Larson was setting a bad precedent by earmarking funds to a specific project in his ward. Concern was also expressed about the Winston-Salem Chronicle receiving further funding from the City, as part of the City’s Dixie Classic Fair Ad campaign.

Here’s the Winston-Salem City Council’s agenda: City Council, Feb 19, 2018


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