The Forsyth County Commissioners’ George Floyd Statement

The Forsyth County Commissioners issued a statement condemning George Floyd’s death on Thursday. It was a nice gesture. But, unfortunately it carried about as much weight as the Commissioners’ 2050 Climate Change resolution last year.

Everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to local politicians supports justice for George Floyd. But are those who control economic and political levers in this country willing to divert resources and craft government policies to benefit Black and Brown people that have long been denied justice, a decent education, and adequate housing?

The Forsyth County Commissioners aren’t committed to “eliminate[ing] racism and any polices that perpetuate it.” If they were they would be spending the county’s last dollar on East Winston where resources are needed, instead of Downtown Winston-Salem. Forsyth County needs a new courthouse, but does Forsyth County need a $120 million courthouse? Forsyth County doesn’t need a Kaledieum. Yet, the commissioners (led by Don Martin) are spending over $30 million for a new downtown museum.

Wouldn’t the resources the Commissioners are spending on a courthouse and Kaleideum be better spent on housing, worker co-ops, and education in East Winston?

If fighting racism were a priority in Forsyth County:

  • The Commissioners would have freed non-violent inmates from the Forsyth County jail during a pandemic.
  • Ashley Academy would have gotten a new school years ago.
  • There would be substantially more affordable housing in Forsyth County.
  • They wouldn’t largely ignore data that shows poverty and income mobility in Forsyth County need to be urgently addressed.

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners’ statement on the death of George Floyd:

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, join Sherif Bobby Kimbrough and Police Chief Catrina Thompson in denouncing the behavior of law enforcement officers involved in the death of George Floyd. The mission of Forsyth County government is to collaterally stop, support, and maintain a community which is safe and healthy, convenient, and pleasant to live in-with educational, cultural, and economic opportunities for all.

We must unite together to eliminate racism and any polices that perpetuate it. We support Sheriff Kimbrough’s efforts to reach out and develop relationships within all neighborhoods in the county.

-Fleming El-Amin

The statement on George Floyd begins at 47:45.


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