Last Week In Winston: October 5, 2020-October 11, 2020

Last week was a historic week for health care in North Carolina. Novant got approval from the New Hanover County Commissioners to move forward with their purchase of New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Just a few days later, Wake Forest Health and Atrium Health announced that they were merging. The new Atrium Health will be headquartered in Charlotte. Wake Forest gets financing. Atrium gets a medical school. Winston loses another headquarters.

Conan O’Brien released a PSA earlier this week, making fun of the phallic Well’s Fargo Center, as he urged North Carolinians to vote. O’Brien’s attempt at humor, fell short, in my opinion. But it was interesting that O’Brien asked the question, do “you wanna get Winston-Salemed this year?”

Speaking of years, The Chronicle reported that former Alderman Virginia Newell turned 103 recently. Newell was a force on the Board of Aldermen back in her day. Search for Virginia Newell in The Chronicle’s archives at Digital NC. It will be worth the effort.

While we are on the topic of The Chronicle, Winston’s Black newspaper of record reminded readers that last week was National Newspaper Week. The Chronicle’s editoral on the benefits of local papers stated the obvious, “nobody needs a news desert.” But, news-desertification is definitely taking place in our community. The Journal seems to grow thinner by the day-just last month they carried out another round of layoffs. Sadly, besides producing informative interviews on Facebook live, The Chronicle has made zero improvements since local powerbrokers purchased it in 2017. “Winston-Salem’s oldest and most respected community newspaper” never lived up to the excellent mural on the side of its former building. But it was a much better newspaper in the 1980s.

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