Gangs In Winston-Salem

Last Monday’s Public Safety Committee meeting was brief. The only item of note was the WSPD’s Gang Unit presentation. The most destructive gang in Winston’s history is R.J. Reynold’s participation in the Big Tobacco Cartel. That cartel has sent millions of its consumers to an early grave in order to profit from the most deadly consumer product ever invented. It’s also worth noting that shortly before Wachovia’s collapse in 2008, it was caught laundering money for an infamous Mexican drug cartel.

But, the City of Winston-Salem isn’t interested in corporate criminal activity. They’re only interested in retail level criminal activity. Gang activity is an emerging problem in Winston. High rates of poverty and low rates of social mobility make our community fertile ground for gangs to flourish (primarily in the East and Southeast portions of the city). If the City took the problem of gang activity seriously, they would have refurbished and expanded its recreation centers instead of building a series of costly police outposts.

Public Safety Committee Meeting, 11/9/2020

“Criminal gang. – Any ongoing organization, association, or group of three or
more persons, whether formal or informal, that (i) has as one of its primary
activities the commission of criminal or delinquent acts and (ii) shares a
common name, identification, signs, symbols, tattoos, graffiti, attire, or other
distinguishing characteristics, including common activities, customs, or
behaviors.” –NC Criminal Gang Repression Act

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