Forsyth County Commissioners Meeting Recap: Dec 1, 2022

A recently filed election lawsuit means outgoing Commissioners Kaplan and El-Amin will stick around a while longer.

Incentives: the Chamber of Commerce encouraged the Commissioners to give incentives to Krispy Kreme and Nelipack Healthcare Packaging.

Forsyth Humane Society funding wasn’t on the agenda. But the Forsyth Humane Society’s advocates confronted the Commissioners during the public comment period. They let them have it! The public session is meant to be time for public comment. But it’s not designed to be a back-and-forth between the Commissioners and the public. But the Humane Society advocates showed that it could be. Kudos to them for making the Commissioners uncomfortable. They pushed defacto Chairman Don Martin to assure them that the County’s contract with the Forsyth County Humane Society would be extended.

No-Go on PayGo funding for RJR: $500k for RJR’s stadium was blocked by Commissioner Whisenhunt and the Board’s GOP majority. Ted Kaplan gave a jaw-dropping description of what a promise means. When confronted on RJ Reynolds/Homefield Advantage’s pledge not to use public funds for their stadium at Hanes Park, Kaplan said:

“Lots of people make lots of promises. Some they keep, some they can’t, some they try [to keep]. If everyone kept their promises, we would have no divorces, and everyone would be going down the road.”

-Commissioners Kaplan and El-Amin were publicly honored by their fellow Commissioners.

Forsyth County Commissioners Meeting: Dec 1, 2022, full agenda and individual documents.

“You are talking about dogs. We are talking about a stadium.” –Gloria Whisenhunt

The elephant in the room during Thursday’s meeting at the Forsyth County Government Center was the mental competency of Chairman David Plyer. Plyer was frequently confused during the meeting. Plyer turned over the meeting to Vice Chairman Don Martin at the start of the meeting. But as the meeting progressed, Plyer took over the meeting without consulting Martin. At one point, both Plyer and Martin were attempting to manage the meeting.

This forced the County Manager and County Attorney to step in and clarify who was running the meeting; giving the meeting back to Don Martin.

Plyer also exhibited confusion about which agenda item the Commissioners were voting on. During the RJ Reynolds stadium debate, Plyer was utterly lost. At one point, he was uncertain if the Board was voting on RJR funding or the Forsyth Humane Society’s contract. That forced a frustrated Gloria Whisenhunt to tell Plyer that “you are talking about dogs. We are talking about a stadium.”

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