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Corruption Often Starts At Home: The Purchase Of Richard Burr’s Winston-Salem Home Is Every Bit As Morally Suspect As The Sale Of Burr’s D.C. Townhouse

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee got caught doing something very dumb a few weeks ago. In an attempt to save his financial assets, Senator Richard Burr destroyed his reputation. After selling his stocks shortly before COVID-19 ravaged the stock market, in what appears to be a clear case of insider trading, the press has b… More

The Confederate Statue Controversy Must Lead To A Wider Conversation About Racism In Winston-Salem

Updated 10:35, 1/05/2019, 433 words


Troublemakers force politicians to act. When a brave, anonymous activist added some commentary to Downtown Winston’s Confederate monument on Christmas Eve, it was an early Christmas gift for anti-racist activists in Winston and throughout the state. What was a one or two-day st… More

Trump Protesters Shouldn’t Give Allen Joines A Free Pass

Thousands of protestors from around the Triad gathered at Corpening Plaza Saturday to denounce Donald Trump and the politics of hate. It was nice protesting an ugly president on such a beautiful day.

Donald Trump has made life dramatically worse for women, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, workers, minorities, and the environment … More

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