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Last Week In Winston: October 5, 2020-October 11, 2020

Last week was a historic week for health care in North Carolina. Novant got approval from the New Hanover County Commissioners to move forward with their purchase of New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Just a few days later, Wake Forest Health and Atrium Health announced that they were merging. The new Atrium Health will be headquar… More

Last Week In Winston: Ten Articles That Mattered

Here’s a look back at the week’s best articles from local media outlets. It was another week under lockdown. But as April turned to May we know that COVID-19 restrictions on our daily life can’t last forever. Something like the normal that we used to take for granted is around the corner. COVID-19 has exposed system… More

Viceland’s The Devil You Know, Episode 1

Here’s a much-delayed review of Viceland’s The Devil You Know, Episode 1. It’s bullshit; well-crafted, hipster, true-crime bullshit. But, The Devil You Know entertains as it spins Pazuzu Algrad into a Charles Manson, complete with groupies. The truth is that Pazuzu Algrad was a severely mentally ill drug addi… More

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