Southeast Gateway Development Moves Forward Long After Happy Hill Was Gentrified

Monday night’s city council meeting was the first meeting of our city’s elected body in over a month. At Monday’s meeting, a bakery/wine shop on Reynolda Road was approved, a property on Northwest Boulevard was rezoned, as were two churches.

The rezoning of the Burger King on MLK Drive was postponed yet again. The … More

Herbalife Finally Reaches A Deal With The FTC

Herbalife just settled with the Federal Trade Commission for $200 million. $200 million is a lot of money, but as usual no one at Herbalife will be punished in any way. The $200 million fine will be paid by shareholders. With their stock surging on the news of a settlement, $200 million won’t be hard for them to scrape up.

Herbalif… More

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